Church renovations are becoming increasingly popular among many buyers, and it’s not hard to see why! Churches are often historical properties with an interesting past giving owners a chance to own a piece of local history. With oodles of character, period charm and space.

What’s not to love!



There is plenty! The character and architectural style is simply stunning and makes for a distinctive home. With a plethora of original period features, trusses, and original flooring and much more.

The stained-glass windows are beautiful dappling the rooms with hues of blues, greens, and reds, often arched or circular making the space wonderfully light and airy.


Churches are large. The main body is an area for the congregation and can be converted into a super sociable space for the whole family. Often with high ceilings and mezzanine levels. They can even be set over three floors providing lots of space and rooms for a growing family.

Adding Value…

Brand new homes can come at a premium, all packaged-up and ready to go. All available space is already maximised, and potential reached.

With individual period buildings, there is often potential to add value and improve. Whether that is by rejigging and refurbishing the existing layout.

Renovated Churches provide ample opportunity to maximise on your investment while creating your dream home in the process.

Big Gardens…

Generally church grounds provide generous outdoor space. With larger gardens, mature trees and shrubbery are a haven for keen gardeners and a fun filled area for little ones to have adventures.

Emsley Mavor are selling St Cuthbert’s situated in the pretty village of Helperby. The current owners bought the property in 1998, they had been looking for a character property that provided space for their growing family.

They stumbled across St Cuthbert’s, at the time a disused chapel in Helperby, against advice from their family they went for it and the rest is history.

It was a huge project to take on, but they created exactly the home they wanted.

The house has been an amazing success and has changed as we have. It has been a highly hospitable place, with room to accommodate lots of visitors and hold some really fantastic parties.

It has been a great home for the kids (there were 4 in the end) to bring back friends without them getting under our, and each other’s, feet. But mostly it has just been exactly what we hoped for when we set out to find a bigger house more than 20 years ago.”

For further details go to: https://emsleymavor.co.uk/property/main-street-helperby-3/