Sellers Keeping Busy, Things To Do…

Whilst these unprecedented times have been forced on us, like so many around the country, we are remaining positive and making the most of a tough situation. Here at Emsley Mavor, we are continuing to do what we do best, which is to support, reassure and keep regular contact with our wonderful sellers and buyers who have been nothing short of wonderful over the past few weeks. Thank you to all of you.

And, with three daughters aged between 8 and 21, a furloughed hubby, plus a hyperactive puppy and Poppy her weary older sister all stuck at home, how have we been keeping busy and not at each other’s throats?!?!?  Pia has started a sign language course, my youngest, Maisy, has learned her times tables virtually (there’s been blood, there’s been sweat and there have been tears….and Maisy found it quite challenging too 😉) and my eldest daughter at home, Ellie, has finally learned how to cook! Yes, in the Emsley household, we have been having our own ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition. Every evening we take a turn and although I’m not the type to brag, I am currently well in the lead!! Not sure if this is necessarily a good thing though!

Delicious homemade Caprese Salad

It’s important to keep busy and I will be posting a further blog for those looking to improve their homes or looking for tips simply to keep the family entertained… it’s amazing the silly things you can come up with to maintain a harmonious household and avoid world war three!

But for those of you looking to sell, how can you best use this enforced time at home? Well, there is actually quite a lot!

  • Declutter the house. I have decluttered every room, anything we have not used for six months has been bagged up. My hording husband is going crazy with everything I want to donate, but hey ho, tough decisions have to be made!! Now is the perfect time to go through each room and decide what you want to keep and what you do not need. It is amazingly cathartic and even Chris has grudgingly admitted it does feel good afterwards! And what a great way to donate to local charities.
  • Spring Clean. Well it is Spring and with time on our hands it is the perfect time to clean. My mother’s favourite saying was “Procrastination is the thief of all time”. I never really understood what it actually meant and when I asked her, she always said she would tell me later 😊! I would roll my eyes at the time, but she had a point, thank you Mummy! Now is the perfect time to do all those nasty jobs you have been putting off! As much as it is a chore, clean out the cupboards, dust the skirting boards, get behind the fridge, clear the garden shed – yes, I’m talking to you Chris…. we all know what we need to do!
  • Spring is here, so tidy up the garden. Check out our blog from the “Village Gardener” about what you can be doing to make your outdoor space look amazing. We all need some fresh air and Vitamin D, so if you are fortunate to have any outdoor space, no matter how small, now is great time to spruce it up. I’ve had some amazing photos from my vendors who have been busy titivating their gardens now spring is here. It makes such a huge difference.
  • Get paperwork in place!! Once a sale is agreed you need to dig out all the paperwork. Do it now. Any certificates for electricals, extensions, new windows, any manuals on how things work! This is an arduous task but will save time later. Emsley Mavor of course continue to support our customers in the same way as we did before. Yes, these are unprecedented times, but we are all in it together. So long as we keep safe, stay strong, do what we can to stay positive and of course stay home, life will soon return to some kind of normal. x